Conversational AI is futuristic technology which automates the conversation while making it smoother and more accurate. It has become an established fact that the bot results in greater engagement rate; conversational AI amalgamates Natural Learning Process (NLP) and machine learning into a single platform in order to build and develop applications for particular, and also multiple user-cases across many verticals.

Transform customer interaction & employee experience with AI chatbots
Revolutionize your customer’s and employee experience by deploying a smart and powerful conversational interface. Have your task managed including travel, HR, and procurement minus the time-consumption part. Experience 100% integration, control and benefit of Value Innovation’s end-to-end chatbots.

Key Advantages
Transform employee experience
The conversations will be translated into action, hence the increasing productivity. Enable your employee to innovate the chatbots.

Transform customer experience
Improve customer retention, revenue by automating your customer’s interaction with powerful and exclusively configured chatbots.

Our end-to-end AI conversational chatbot will –

  • Communicate the desired message every time
  • Increase conversion rate by 62%
  • Boost revenue with AI chatbots
  • Gain 20% leads with SMS and email OTP
  • With business intelligence fast track your sales
  • Customer interaction increased by 50% to 210%
  • Be aware when qualified leads are on your site
  • 100% task automation – order processing, feedback, Q&A
  • Build exclusive and contextual experience

Grow your business with us
Customer Support

  • Help customer to use the services and products effectively 24×7
  • Use the chatbot to put out advanced service outage or warning
  • Automate FAQ’s with Instinct AI

Customer experience

  • Push offers and recommends products to the right person at the right time
  • Offer personalized experience to each customer
  • Add visual elements to customize chatbots
  • Turn your visitors into customers

Customer Journey

  • Utilize previous conversations to facilitate conversations personally
  • Get thorough insights about marketing strategy and your customer
  • Segment the users by total visits, country, first and last see, device type and deliver the exact message

Customer retention and success

  • Send personalized email and message
  • Show a pre-welcome message to the returning customer
  • Add conversational surveys for improved feedback and retention
  • Improve NPS and upsell


  • Maximize ROI
  • Generated automated response
  • Identify anonymous traffic

Logistic: No more boring, and complex interface. The chatbots will put a new life into your daily conversational commerce.
Travel: Entice, encourage and ensure the journey taken will be just how they want it.
E-commerce: ENGAGE! Nothing is more attractive than engaging and enticing with a personal touch.
Banking: Automate and interact with users and leave them delighted. The smart chatbot is just what you need.
Insurance: An all-in-one bot! Connect with the customer, broker, agent, and member, and provide them with a quick solution.
Automobile: Communicate with your audience with a personal touch.
Telecom: Easy interaction and daily communication to ease up your support process.
Health: Give your users a tour of the health and fitness world, of course, with a personal touch.
Hospitality: Hotel bookings had never been easier and fun!
FMCG: Up the support time, engage with customers, tap into customer insights, all in one go.
HR: HR solution gets hassle-free. Speed up the process!