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AI is “A core, transformative way by which we’re thinking how we’re doing everything”- Sundar Pichai

What is Artificial Intelligence

  • A machine with the ability to perform cognitive functions such as perceiving, learning, reasoning and solve problems are deemed to hold an artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence exists when a machine has cognitive ability. The benchmark for AI is the human level concerning reasoning, speech, and vision. Artificial intelligence can be divided into 3 subfields: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence has many applications and is used in all the industries, from marketing to supply chain, finance, food-processing sector.
    • Artificial intelligence is used to reduce or avoid the repetitive task.
    • Artificial intelligence improves an existing product.

Value Innovation Labs provide various  AI Based solutions, services, consulting and staffing across industries like Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, telecom, Aviation, Aerospace, BFSI, Energy & Utilities, Oil and Gas.

Some Common Use cases / Applications of AI

Self- Learning Systems

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Optimal/dynamic pricing
  • Completely automated chatbots
  • Personalized offers to customers
  • Multivariate website testing
  • Intelligent content curation
  • Robotics/automation powered by AI

Recommendation Engines

AI-powered recommender engines across aviation, retail and telecom industries:

  • Personalized marketing and sales offers
  • Location-based recommendations
  • Recommendations based on recent/past activity
  • Recommendations based on real-time activity
  • Matching people with interests or with other people

Fraud Predictions

Across industries, from banks to telecoms, machine learning is used to detect fraudulent transactions and lower the rate of fraud. AI also helps to reduce false positives by avoiding human error and lower the headcount in companies’ compliance departments. Potential use cases include:

  • Detecting credit card frauds
  • Exploring money laundering
  • Finding insurance claim frauds
  • Examining fraudulent phone calls
  • Discovering and blocking malicious bots
  • Better-targeted investigations

Forecasting: We build accurate forecasting models based on the same machine learning forecasting technology

Image and Video Analysis- Add image and video analysis to your applications to catalog assets, automate media workflows, and extract meaning.

 Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection helps to spot problematic areas/processes early on and prevent costly disasters. This area of machine learning is especially relevant to companies in the manufacturing, retail, and finance industries.

Quality assurance – Ensure that your production output won’t include low-quality objects.

  • Find anomalies in your technical logs, and detect errors early on.
  • Detect irregularities in your business processes, find blockages, and remove them.
  • Enhance security by detecting abnormal activity in real-time video footage.
  • Intrusion detection – Identify unusual patterns in network traffic that could signal a hack.
  • Novelty detection – Uncover new patterns in your data that didn’t exist a while ago.

Text Analysis

AI for Power Plants Improve Equipment Reliability and Plant performance using your data

▪ Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Condition Monitoring

▪ Performance Monitoring and Process Optimization

▪ On-demand Operational Data repository

Time series predictions

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