Cold Chain Management


Value Innovation Labs along with their Partner Trinetra helps customers worldwide with Fleet Management, Mobility & IOT based solutions for Transport industry.

Our Cold Chain Solution provides complete visibility, accurate tracking, managing temperature of the perishable items which are temperature sensitive.

Our IoT integrated solution are cost efficient and improves supply chain visibility for enhanced customer experience, theft protection and inventory management.

Pain Points of Frozen and Perishable Food Transportation Industry

    • Pressure to Meet Cost Efficiencies in Cold Chain Management : The industry faces huge loss due to damage of the perishable goods during the travel
    • Lack of Uniform Infrastructure Globally Affecting Cold Chains
    • Impact of Increased Regulations on Cold Chain Management.
    • Environmental Impact on Your Cold Chain.
    • The transport managers missed out in setting the temperature thresholds based on goods loaded in container.
    • Drive’s negligence: Due to driver negligence the container door is opened during the travel and the temperature breaches happen.
    • Lack of forecasting and evaluation on assigning the vehicles based on the job orders

Benefits of our solution

    • Complete visibility of cold storage vehicles
    • Monitor vehicle’s movement between assigned locations
    • Accurate Tracking: Track exact time of food distribution to delivery points
    • Assignation of accurate temperature threshold values (high and low)
    • Precise information on Temperature Variation/Violation
    • Provision to measure two separate compartments / chambers
    • Real time alerts on violations through email or SMS
    • Temperature monitoring during door open & close if door sensor is availed
    • High quality digital mapping for better fleet overview
    • Manage fleet maintenance schedules efficiently
    • Intelligent reports on fleet utilization and much more

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