Digital Marketing


To connect with your target audience at the right time in the right place is very crucial. Digital marketing is the most effective method to reach out to your target audience with the help promotion of the products/services via internet-based forms of electronic media. Digital marketing includes all of your online marketing plans. Various businesses have already benefited because of digital marketing moving over the traditional form
of marketing.

We Labs provide data-driven driving digital performance and digital marketing services to our customers spread all over the globe.

We focus on increased customer acquisition, ROI, and retention. Some of our many services –

Google Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is an important factor of the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy. There could not be a better time to advertise than at the time when a determined who clearly knows what he/she wants your product or service and is actively looking for it.

You bid on the keywords close to your business in order to get your ad in front of the users, and you pay the search engine a certain fee if your ad gets traffic.

If you have set up your campaign correctly, it would be a good way to get ou there in front of potential clients However, if your campaign poorly designed it would be total waste money. Clearly, running a paid search campaign that is successful requires a lot of time and focus. We at Value Innovation Labs monitor and optimize our clients’ accounts at regular intervals in order to ensure the best possible results. Paid search marketing is not easy at all, but the results can redefine your business.

We conduct a detailed 32-point account audit to help our clients get more out of their AdWords accounts. Some of the area it includes –


Potential wasted budget Account activity Account diagnostics
Keyword audit Conversion tracking Call tracking
Display campaigns Retargeting strategy Negative keywords
GEO targeting Quality score distribution Budget efficiency
Google shopping audit Settings review Ad copy review
Mobile strategy Landing pages Mobile apps
Click-through-rate Strategy review Keyword efficiency
Market share Day parting Device distribution

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest and most influential social media advertising platform in the entire world, with well over billion daily users.

However, to take advantage of the platform can be a difficult challenge sometimes. If you want to succeed on Facebook, you need to crack the secret – how to drive user engagement – effectively use audience by targeting to get the most out of their advertising budget. To get the most of the money you spend you need to target the right people.

At Value Innovation Labs, we know what sort of advertising should be where to get maximum result on Facebook and create great results for your company.

Facebook enables you to target your advertisements to the users who are most likely to use your service or product.

While Facebook ads reach the potential customers that lay higher in the sales funnel rather than intent-based ads platforms i.e. AdWords, if you target the correct audience, Facebook advertisements are may more effective than any other high-funnel marketing source out there in the market.

There are several ways to target your adverts on Facebook. As far as basic strategy goes, targeting your audiences with the help of categories like gender age, or interests can provide great results, but to really make the most of your campaigns, it is best to advised to make it custom audiences based. The kind of people who use your products.

To fasten the process of custom audience building, you can upload a list of your customer email addresses or leads. There are numerous advantages to this sort of kind of marketing.

To begin with, you can use the database to efficiently turn this social media site into a re-targeting platform. This is a great way to reinforce your complete marketing strategy.

Following that, you can utilize the database to create what is known as “lookalike” campaign. This campaign targets the users with same kind of profile characteristics to the ones that you have in your database. A “lookalike” campaign can be a ridiculously effective method to attract and identify new traffic with increased conversion potential.

Creating a custom audience takes ongoing effort and targeting optimization; but, as you profile your ideal customer, you set yourself up for great results.

eCommerce Management

eCommerce is the best possible way to get your products in out there in eyes of a huge growing market. In the United States alone, there are more than 191 million online shoppers. The staggering numbers make eCommerce a mandatory option for most businesses. Keeping in mind the size of the opportunity, it should not come as a surprise that eCommerce has become an online war ground for users. Winning this requires you to have a lot of skill, persistence thought.

At Value Innovation Labs, we know does and does not works in eCommerce management. We have guided hundreds of online businesses to success and to understand how to guide you in optimizing your sales process and ads.

To creating and maintain a product feed can consume a lot of time, but it is crucial to run an eCommerce business smoothly and efficiently across numerous platforms.

Our executives will work with your developers in order to create your product feed for your business. This will give you the necessary flexibility and scalability to take your ads closer to success. Once it is done, the product feed shall be polished and ready to share across all the shopping networks that we use.

In addition to that, our innovative analytics tools will help us in determining which products will be very profitable for your business. Which channels work best for which products and whether the products are worth or not to use online advertising.

With the help of optimization, your advertising and feed approach, we set you up on the road to success.


For the majority of websites, as less as 2% of their traffic actually does the desired task before they leave the site. After putting all the effort it took to bring them to the website, they leave just like that.

Most of the time, non-converting visitors do not leave the site because they are not interested in you what you have to offer. More often than not, they get distracted, want to compare you with the competition or they were simply curious. But once when they leave, they are gone.

Retargeting – also called remarketing – enables the websites to put their services or products in front of their customers who left the site without getting converted. If nailed, retargeting is a constant reminder that “Hey, see you were interested in this right? Want to give it a chance!”

To anonymously follow the visitor across the internet retargeting uses cookies. With just the right snippet of code on your website, you hold the chance to drop an anonymous cookie in the browser of the new visitor. That cookie you left on visitors browser, lets Google a retargeting platform, know that the user visited your website. Then it triggers your advertisement in several places throughout the display network platform. This is effective especially for other markets with longer sell cycles, such as higher education or recruiting or any B2B company.

To make sure that you get desired results, majority of retargeting platforms have a variety of categorizing option. You can optimize how
and when your retargeting adverts are displayed. Like other options of paid ads, you bid in order to have your adverts displayed, but the cost for remarketing is generally very low. As a result of which, retargeting the previous visitors is an easy and cheaper way to reel in potential customers you would have possibly lost.

Display Advertising

Great display ad, in many ways, resembles military a surgical strike. You need to know who your target exactly is, what attracts them.

At Value Innovation Labs we start by delving into your target audience pool. We map them by interests, behaviours, demographics, and the
websites they frequently visit. This analysis, in turn, gives us a good launching pad, but our work is not done just yet. As your campaign is running, we constantly reevaluate our plan to recognize where in which websites, demographic groups and contextual terms are responding positively to your advertisement. This helps us to narrow down the target based on conversions. This is the cost-effective way to do it.

At Value Innovation Labs we not only handle the entire graphic designing, advertising strategy part of it but also optimization process.

This enables us to effectively and quickly generate great display adverts that are precisely designed to boost return-on-investment.

Our creative graphic designers have been trained in conversion rate optimization; they work closely together with our display account
managers to create high quality, custom image and media ads aimed according to the demands of any specific campaign.

Custom ads are the end result, that is what represents your brand and it specifically crafted to convert clicks into our customers.

Contact us today if you want to find out how we can make display advertising work for your business.

LinkedIn Advertising

While Google AdWords and other similar platforms are the undeniable the powerhouses of PPC ads, LinkedIn ads are the ideal platform for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn ads allow you to focus on the decision-makers in the market with your ads that are relevant to their business and pain areas. You do not really need to navigate your way through the corporate bureaucracy; instead of that, you put your solution right in front of the people who call the shots. To be successful on LinkedIn, you have to determine your audience and how to optimize your adverts and target it for the maximum benefit. With the right plan in place, LinkedIn ads can take your business to the new heights.

LinkedIn ads are useful to target your advertisements to the people in businesses that might need your service or product. It a top-notch form of advertising, higher in the funnel than intent-based ad platforms like AdWords.

LinkedIn enables you to target your advertisements in many ways. You can focus your ads by company name, location, or job title, seniority, school, job function skills as well as basic information like demographic, gender or age.

This puts a tremendous amount of power in your hands. You can target the entire LinkedIn or just cheese store owner down the street. Once you have set up your target audience, you can then check your results in order to find out exactly who gives better responses to your message.

This allows you to filter things further and to make sure your ads are shown in the most beneficial way possible.

Being able to target the right audience with your ads is great; but, to do it effectively, you have to know your audience. The more specifically your understanding of your customers, the more specifically and profitably you can make your advertisements.

Keep the following questions in your mind:
# What are the job titles associated with your targeted audience?
# Where does your target audience work?
# What interests or skills does your target audience have?
# In which seniority level is your target audience typically found at?
# Which type of position does your target audience typically hold in a company?

If you have got a fitting answer to one or more than one of these questions, LinkedIn ads are probably a good way to go for your company.

Video Marketing

In the present time, the key any effective online marketing campaign is well-made video content. But you can not just put something together call it good. You can not make something dry and wish that your audience will watch it and convert.

There are uncountable ways in which a video campaign could go wrong – having too much sales pitch, forgetting to put in a good call to action. At Value Innovation Labs we make videos from developing an idea of combining creative entertainment but with a twist of marketing mindset.

Your ads need to be entertaining and informative possible, but they should also need to give the right message. Does not matter how much you like your advertisement, if it does not work for your audience, it will not deliver the desired outcome.

Google SEO

If you’re looking for top SEO company and to get your website content noticed out of the plethora of websites out there, look no further. Our SEO is the pill you’re looking for. Now, have a seat and ask yourself whether you have ever dared to go to the second page of search engine results. Exactly, in a race where millions take part, it only matters if you finish among the top.

Our SEO experts make your web content SEO friendly among the rest of the pack and run ahead to reach the top of the SERPs. Our SEO services in India and worldwide help you create a strong online presence with our SEO strategy and make the way for your customers to your website and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Analyze a web site

Our professional SEO experts first analyze a client website, followed by a step-by-step process to have the website communicate relevant keywords more effectively to Google and other search engines. Our vital goal is to get website more visitors and higher conversion of sales and ROI.

The first step is to understand what we have in hand, the client website. We analyze the website with latest SEO paid tools as well as manually and suggested changes if required, followed by a step-by-step process map the website keywords which communicate with search engine more effectively.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

When any potential user search for the something related to your business, you want to grab that opportunity. Google or any other search engine is a robot; hence we need to educate them to show your business website up in their SERP’s. On page and off page optimization are the prescribed techniques which search engine wants us to follow.