Internet of things (IOT)


“Industry 4.0 focuses on end-to-end digitalization and automation”

Value Innovation Labs along with their various partners like Trinetra, Thinglogix and Cloudera helps provide various IOT based products, solutions and services across industries. We are a reseller of IOT based products and sensors as well.

Benefits of our IOT solutions

Increased Safety and Productivity | Increased Customer Experience | Smart Devices & Solutions | Connected

Services we provide

 Solution Implementation

  • Industrial IoT: The Industry 4.0 revolution, powered by IoT, is driving increasing focus on connected assets, factories, and industrial ecosystems. Data generated by connected devices has the potential to provide your business with crucial insights, such as how your assets are performing in real time, how agile your supply chain is, and how your products are being used. It can even predict when and how something might break. Cloudera’s data management and analytics platform can help process sensor and machine data from connected assets, in real time, and help predict key outcomes, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.
  • IOT enable predictive analytics with image: Analytics and machine learning at the scale of the Internet of Things
  • IOT and AI based Smart City Solutions- In smart cities, a network of sensors, cameras, wireless devices, data centres form the key infrastructure, which allows civic authorities to provide essential services in a faster and more efficient manner.

IOT based Cold Chain Management solutions

 IOT based products Reselling

  • Energy & Utilities | Oil & Gas : Safety IOT based Helmets, Gloves, Shoes, Jackets, Smart Meters
  • HR/ Education : IOT based sensors, chips for Employee Tracking/ RFID, Vehicle tracking
  • The classification of sensors:  Electro stat sensor   Electromagnetic sensor.  The electromagnetic sensor used as a methodology to identify kinds of sensor to solve, control, measure, and storage system. Sensors we Provide:
  • Smart City Solutions: Sensors for Intelligent and Smart bins ( waste management), Smart Streetlights
  • Cold Storage Management System Based sensors
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Light Dependent Resistor(LDR)
  • Comparator circuit(Smoke sensor)


No-Code Development for Enterprise Applications and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Value Innovation Labs along with their partner ThingLogix Provides A No-Code Platform for The Serverless Cloud ~ ThingLogix Foundry

Build connected apps and deliver on the promise of the cloud with the #1 Enterprise IoT/Serverless cloud platform – Foundry, from ThingLogix

  • Develop solutions with clicks not code
  • Rapidly deliver your connected product solution
  • Leverage the infinite scalability of serverless technologies

Launch IoT, connected product, and serverless apps in days, not months, and reduce your development costs by 70%.

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