Marketing Automation


Value Innovation Labs’ Marketing automation software platform is created to automate sales tasks, marketing and various operations in order to grow revenue faster by generating leads and closing deals. With our product marketers can maximize efficiency and boost revenue using cases that include engaging, lead generation, nurturing leads, customer service, lead scoring, and retention. Make your customers delighted throughout the course of their partnership with you.


  • 84% Improvement in lead nurturing and management
  • 70% result that will be measurable
  • 61% Enhanced and personalization targeting
  • 57% Accurate execution and tracking of campaign
  • 59% Increase in productivity and efficiency

When combined, sales and marketing and becomes a viable option for organizations that wants to get the value of their money while getting the results. WITH VALUE INNOVATION LABS

Deliver the incorporated Results
Integrate Chatbot Email, Voice, and SMS. Generate, manage, nurture and track your leads in real-time.
Have your data centralized
Integrate all your offline and online data sources to get better ROI results.
Streamlined Campaign Workflow
Create personalized experiences for your customers across various channels. You can run mock campaigns in order to know what works with your audience. Boost Conversions and Accelerate Sales.
Understanding your users
Dive deeper into behavior of your customers, based on time preference, location, channel preference, needs for improved conversions and increased leads.


Marketing automation is about automating entire journey of your customer across sales, marketing, and service teams. The eventual goal is to streamline all the procedures and enhance productivity and expansion of the business.


  • Support and Live Chat Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Social channels Customer Segmentation
  • Multi-channel Campaigns
  • Lead management
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring/Prediction
  • Web Engagement
  • CRM Integration
  • SMS/Text Marketing

Streamlined marketing, support and sales
For increased growth, efficiency, and optimum ROI from marketing automation, the processes have to automated across all the departments – marketing, sales and support. With our Value Innovation Labs’ marketing automation product bid adieu to hefty manual tasks and welcome an integrated method to make sure your customer gets the best experience. Use our integrated marketing in order to streamline all your tasks and set up advanced automated marketing.

Email Campaigns
Set up email in order once and our system will send the lined-up emails automatically as per the specified schedule. You can stay in touch with your leads and still be free to manage productive tasks. These email sequences can be used to educate the customers or onboarding or over a period of time by pushing consistent emails.

Predictive Lead Scoring
Value Innovation Labs automates the process of lead scoring and makes sure that you spend less time on qualifying your leads. You can pass on these leads to your sales team after scoring model has qualified.

Smart Customer Segmentation
Structure automatically divides your customers based on their conduct like clicks, email opens, not completed action and completed action. Save the divided segments and then run smart custom marketing campaigns with our marketing automation product to convert and nurture these leads to customers.

Email Personalization
Personalization is unbelievably powerful in lead-nurturing. Merge our tags to write personalized emails with details and interests of the customer. Send offers and push business-related based on browsing activities of your customers.