Natural Language Processing


Interpret the impossible with our technology
Track entire sea of data in no time with Value Innovation Lab’s! We will utilize your computer’s untiring willingness and ability to run the algorithm to perform a task in practically no time for you. Tasks include NLP applications like Machine Translation (translation of one language into other) and Automatic Summarization which means generating a summary of the inserted text.

Data is the next gold, we all know that we also know that the new gold is available in the form of text. Process gold with Value Innovation Lab’s to thrive!

Improve Experience of Your User:
Integrated NLP with a website to make your experience more user-friendly. Features like spell check, autocomplete, and autocorrect in search bar makes it easier for users to find the info they are looking for, this, in turn, keeps them on your site for longer.

Automate support
Chatbots are not new, but developments in NLP have enhanced their effectiveness to the point that live representatives no longer need to be the first point of interaction for some clients. Some aspects of chatbots include being able to assist users to navigate support articles and knowledge bases, order products or services, and manage accounts.

Monitor and analyze feedback
Between contact forms, social media, reviews, and other forms of communication, customers are constantly leaving feedback about the service or product. NLP can make sense and help aggregate of all that feedback, turning it into actionable insight that can help expand the firm.

Value Innovation Lab’s Natural Language Processing offerings

1. Form Spell Check
It’s discreet, easy to use, and can reduce misunderstanding for both agents and users.
Not every customer is going to take the time to write a grammatically accurate sentence when communicating with a help desk or sales representative. We know this, so we make sure their contact form was stocked with spell check to make everyone’s job easier. Error-ridden user messages can be problematic to understand, leading to miscommunication.

 2. Search Autocorrect
It’s common to make errors when typing and not realize it. If the search engine on your website does not catch mistakes and instead reveals no outcome, then prospective buyers might assume you do not have the information or answers they’re looking for and may instead go to a competitor.
We reduce the chances of miscommunication.

3. Search Autocomplete
Search autocomplete is another form of NLP that people use on an everyday basis and have almost come to expect when searching for something. Pioneers like Google have been using the feature in their search engine for many years. The feature is just as useful on company sites.
We incorporate the feature into their individual search engine. Users interested in learning more about a topic or function of Value Innovation ’s product might know one keyword, but maybe not the full term.
This feature will help them find accurate info and answer their questions faster.