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Value Innovation Labs Smart City Solutions helps State’s government in addressing issues related to that state/ city, making cities smarter and thereby reduce operation expenses, effective assets management, enable a better quality of life and lead to Country’s economic growth.

Our Service offerings includes:

  • Smart Parking Solutions– Innovative cost-effective parking solution using next generation technologies like AI (Sensors), IoT to provide real-time information to command center
  • Smart Waste Management – AI and Digital based Smart bins with automatic messaging for bin status and pick-up. (Technologies: AI ,IOT, Digital)
  • Smart Transportation – End-to-end transportation solution for Route optimization, vehicle tracking, dispatching, parking area management, and fuel consumption optimization. Technologies: AI (Sensors); IOT, Digital, Blockchain
  • Smart Campus – Indoor navigation to find places of interest, optimal routes, and emergency exits- Technologies: GIS/ GPS enabled; IOT
  • Smart Lighting Solution
  • Smart Water – Water distribution and monitoring through IoT ecosystems and data analytics
  • Smart Meters and Energy & Utilities Solutions- Real-time monitoring using machine learning for preventive maintenance and energy saving
  • Smart Environment Management Solution – Keep a check on pollution levels and Monitoring it at points of interest; Predictive Life maintenance
  • Smart Oil & Gas Implementations
  • Smart HealthCare solutions – Blockchain and AI based Patient Information management system

Benefits of our Solution and services

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Minimize energy losses
  • Control revenue losses
  • Lower operating expenses ; Cost reduction
  • Boost security  & Efficient  e-governance

Technologies : Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Mobility based , Full Stack development

Products we have: IOT based Sensors, IOT based tracking product

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