"Offshore Delivery Centers" - Setup 24x7 Global Operations Development/Shared Services/Back-office/Virtual Setups

Long-Term Partnerships for Global Success


Business Continuity

Streamlined your business using onshore/offshore team to ensure smooth running of businesses


Low cost of simultaneous operations

Take advantage of our globally competitive rates to setup your back office at low cost


Global timings to keep operations 24X7

Availability of engineers and support across all time zones. Critical Support and development project can be managed 24x7

Offshore/Outsourcing Solutions

Blending the Brightest Minds

Improve your current processes by outsourcing your back-end functions to one of the top bpo companies. We create a customized team from our large talent pool of experienced and qualified specialists for your needs.

Developing the Scalable Workflow

After defining your needs our team takes our deep industry knowledge and develops a customized solution that yields the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

Utilizing the Latest in Modern Technologies

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence processes increase your operational efficiency. Sophisticated algorithms are designed to automate your labor and time intensive functions to reduce overall operational costs.

24/7 Availability

We offer our engineers 24x7 to support all your need. Critical support projects and mission critical development projects taken very seriously to deliver on time with the availability of our engineers

Save Time

Our IT staffing services Comply with your deadlines and put our round the clock recruitment process to work for your team. Find the right professionals for every role in less time.

Maintain Oversight and Control

Our engineers quickly integrate themselves with your internal team’s processes, report directly to the in-house management and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

Global Delivery Services Setup For Your Industry

Global Delivery Services for Financial Services

Automate your current processes to lower operating costs, streamline cash flow, and increase flexibility to ensure business growth and gain a competitive edge.

Global Delivery Services for Healthcare Services

Automate back-office tasks to increase quality, accuracy, and operational costs allowing you to adapt to a fast-paced market and focus on core competencies.

Global Delivery Services for Logistics Services

Streamline real-time processes to support the daily data entry and document management needs by addressing the challenges of keeping a lean team while increasing efficiency.

Global Delivery Services for Government Services

As a GSA contacted business, we are built on ISO27001 and address data security on multiple levels to ensure all data is secure.

Global Delivery Services for Commercial Services

Enhance your customer’s experience by streamlining redundant tasks to increase productivity, quality, and order cycle times.

Global Delivery Services for Manufacturing Services

Add scalability for all of your back-end tasks to handle large volumes and short deadlines while maintaining high data accuracy.

Increasing Efficiency Through Automation and Reducing Operating Expenses

When searching for your next outsourcing partner take into consideration:

At ValueInnovationLabs, the goal for every solution we deliver is to identify areas of inefficiency with a current workflow, using automation technologies, and the brightest and most talented team members to bring an improvement to the current process. When these redundant and time-consuming tasks are improved, the efficiencies reflect our high standard of accuracy and quality along with quick cycle time. ValueInnovationLabs, as one of the top outsourcing companies, has successfully solidified their position as the go-to partner for business process outsourcing. In addition to ValueInnovationLabs having the capabilities to handle the detailed scope of work, the scalability provided allows your business to grow.