Intelligent Customer Engagement

Analyze user behaviour, Engage across channels and Personalize every touchpoint


Track Your Users

Track your user behaviour with power analytics.


Powerful Segmentation

Segment users based on their behaviour


AI Based Engagement

Create engagement strategies with powerful AI

Key Reasons Why Brands Choose us Over Competition

Push Amplification

OS/Device level restrictions by certain handset makers restrict push notification delivery. With our product, you can bypass those restrictions to reach and engage an additional 20% users.

Boost Email Deliverability

We ensures higher inbox reach with email consultants and industry experts to help you with the best practices. Avoid sending blast messages that end up in spam, or taint your domain and brand reputation.


Localize the communication based on language, location seamlessly. Our platform support multilingual architecture and you can reach out to your customers in local language for local touch.

Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform For The Mobile First World


See What They Are Doing


Leverage Powerful Analytics


Acquire, OnBoard and Retain

Track User Events, Identify Opportunities

Integrate With Your Mobile App or Website

Integrate our SDK into your app. Available for iOS, Android, Web, Windows Silverlight & more.

Track User Events

Get detailed insights about user activities within your app.

Stay On Top Of Key Metrics

Get a bird’s eye of your engagement campaign performance.

Identify Users With Powerful Segmentation

Find out acquisition source

Target users with acquisition source, uninstall data and more

Segment users

Segment users just the way you want. Initiate conversation, reduce churn and do much more with powerful insights

Push offline data for segmentation

User offline data from the CRM to create segment and combine with our data

Engage Users With AI Across Their Preferred Channels

Create A User Flow

Engage with a conversation. Onboard the new, upsell to active users or reengage lost ones.

Use AI For Best Results

Take out the guesswork, let the power of machine learning optimise for you.

Engage With Relevant Recommendations

Personalize the messaging with the products users might be interested in.

A Few More Benefits Our Platform Offers.

01Geofence Targeting

Trigger notifications based on user's current location.

02 Localization

Localize the communication based on language, location seamlessly.

03 Push Amplification

Improve your push delivery by up to 20%.

04Drag-and-drop Email Builder

Create beautiful, rich and responsive email templates easily through drag-and-drop builder.

05 Campaign Analytics

Understand the revenue centric results from the campaigns and improve.