5 Points You Should Know Before Developing App

In today’s era, the mobile app market has become more competitive. You should have the best app idea then only you can stand out in the crowded app market. The new apps are feeling too difficult to make their place in this competitive market. Also, the investment needed to develop the app is constantly rising. If you have a proper plan for the app development process then this task is a lot easier for you all. You will get the advantage of planning as there will be no last-minute goof ups. Check out the points that you must keep in mind before developing a mobile app.

1.Supportive Platforms

It is the topmost thing you should decide at the starting of app development. There are two most important platforms: Android and iOS which help to put primary emphasis on the app. Globally, Android only rules on the top and it is already proven by the report.

You should also think about the devices on which your apps will be used with the different platforms. Every operating system has smartphones and tablets. It tells you about a different dynamic and how you should build the app with the specifications and dynamics differently for every device. For instance, large-screen devices don’t have more limitations in comparison to small-screen smartphones. 

You should also think about PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). There will be a lot of people who will access your mobile app and the web from their smart devices. The advantage of building a PWA is it lets the user enter your app directly from the browser. The user can engage with it, either fully or partially, it depends on how it is built.

2. Mobile App Development Team

Most of the time people don’t realize that there is a need for more team members than they were earlier expecting. This is one of the reasons that explains why software development is expensive.

As you know, we should build the app for both iOS and Android. And the app will be coded into two different languages. So, there is a need for an iOS developer and an Android developer. 

You should hire different developers for both the operating system as it will save your time. They can work simultaneously which helps to complete the project early. Also, with these two platform-specific developers, you should hire a full-stack web developer.

When you leave the PWA route, still there is a need to host the app data in the cloud. Until the app is super simple, you should be assured that your data is secured and at a scalable location in the cloud.

For example, when a user registers on the app by mentioning the username and password then it doesn’t stay on the device. All the details get stored on a database somewhere in the cloud. When the users communicate with each other, give ratings, and when there is any release of new updates, then all this gets hosted in the infrastructure of the cloud. Therefore, to create all this infrastructure you need a full stack web developer who will help you to access the data of your mobile app.

There is also a need for a designer to make the app presentable and attractive. It is not important to have good app functionality but, it should look pretty. This will help to engage with the users which is essential in this competitive market.

There should be a QA person in the app development team, who tests the software properly. He runs testing on different browsers, devices, and OS. The QA has to check all the bases from backend infrastructure to the app functionality.

Lastly, the team also needs a project manager who ensures that the team is working properly, manages the entire project, and holds the whole team. Hence, mainly there will be six people in your team: three developers (iOS, Android, web), a designer, a QA person, and a project manager.

3. Infrastructure

You have to also think about where you should host the app. The member of your team has to build this infrastructure. First, you have to partner up with a hosting service that can host your app and its infrastructure.

Security, scalability, and reliability are the three most essential components. You have to see these while searching for the right hosting service which can fulfill all the requirements of your app.

4. Existing Services

There is no need to build servers in your office when you can use an existing service to host your app. There are a lot of other existing services which are available for you. You can use them while building an app. 

For instance, there are already cloud servers that you can blend with. Servers that already exist are analytical servers, push notification servers, authentication servers, and more. You can easily incorporate them with your app. Before you try to build these services and solutions from scratch, make sure you check around to confirm if there is any service that already exists. It will help you to save money and time, and it’s much easier than reinventing the wheel.

5. Existing Tools

With these existing services, some mobile app development tools exist. Always make sure that all of the tools should available at your disposal before building any app.

Many tools will help you to build an app from scratch. You will get all the things from templates to components and designs. Just you have to purchase the tools and use them on your own. It will speed up the app development process and give you more time to focus on other things like business logic. It will make your app unique from this competitive market.

Starting a mobile app development project is always an exciting task. But, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before you begin:

  • Choose the platform for the support
  • Select the team who will build your app
  • Is there any service that already exists so, you don’t have to build everything from scratch
  • Partner with a hosting company that will help you to back up the things
  • Check for existing toolsets that will help you get your app to market much faster.

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In today’s era, the mobile app market has become more competitive. You should have the best app idea then only…

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