Scope of Digital Marketing After Pandemic

After the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has changed from people searching for information, communicating to their purchase behavior. These changes made the brand rethink to do marketing to their customers and find new strategies to build loyalty.

In this pandemic, the way of working for employees has changed. They are working remotely which forced the companies to rethink the team working process.

Below we have talked about the important developments that companies should think about in the future.

1.Ecommerce is essential to brand success

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the sale of global retail e-commerce has grown to around $4.28 trillion with around $432 billion.

In the UK, the report of Charged Retail stated that in July 2021, online sales has broke the records by reaching £10 billion. And the reason is that 40% of people shopped from home instead of visiting a physical store. GlobalData research states that 90% of the top ten e-commerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba experience double-digit revenue growth.

Whether it is directly on your brand’s website, via social media, or a third-party site like Amazon or Shopify, optimizing your brand’s e-commerce will offer more leads and sales in this new digital world.

2. Local vs. global marketing – The value of community

In this pandemic, travel restrictions made people stay in their localities. It made the local neighborhoods give more value and made the community area reactivated which was neglected earlier.

On Google Search, the keywords like ‘local’ and ‘business’ rose up 80%, and with this combination of ‘who has’ and ‘stock’ went up by a huge 8,000%. The best example of this situation is Nextdoor, it is a social media network that mainly focuses on neighborhoods. In all the various lockdowns, it saw a 73% rise in engagement with a leap in revenue.  

The recent Facebook survey states that during Covid-19 there is a wave in online community groups. 91% of people offered support to others via an online group or community.

3. Customer experience is everything!

Due to the Covid-19, people were forced to stay at home, and hence, they started using smartphones more. With this change, online behaviors also changed, and expectations too. Customers started expecting more from brands and the online experience. If the brand was unable to match the customer’s expectations then they moved to another way. That’s why competition becomes intense.  

The customers want to feel valued that’s why they expect the best digital experience. The brand should focus on offering the solutions and answers by online chat or messaging by using WhatsApp marketing. In this pandemic, the consumers opted the options like curbside pick-up which gave a lot of success to all big and small retailers. Many big chains partnered with different delivery services like Deliveroo.

In this pandemic, restaurants suffer a lot of losses. They shifted and find out new ways to offer a great customer experience. Many thought to have something different like converting it into an online farm shop otherwise cooking at home with the help of video tutorials. A lot of people also depended on delivery apps.      

The unique experience helps the customer to make your brand stand out. Mamas & Papas helped the new parents in this pandemic by developing a virtual personal shopping service. With this, they were able to get the advice and product demonstrations at live streaming.

4. Social Commerce is accelerating

Now, social media platforms are getting more refined. It’s not just the place to catch up with friends and share photos but, it is becoming the best place for brands to do promotion and sell the products.

It is mainly for younger generations. The Status of Social Commerce 2021 report states that 97% of Gen Z use social media to get inspiration for shopping. With this, the brands have to explore the option of an in-app purchase. The global social commerce market is projected that by 2027 it will reach $604.5 billion which makes the future of social media marketing look bright.

Due to the coronavirus, shopping via social media sites, i.e., social commerce has transformed. Instagram has launched Shops and Shopping in Reels, while Facebook hosts livestream shopping events. Also, Snapchat and Pinterest are getting into this action with AR (Augmented Reality) try-on tools with the top brands like Gucci.

In social commerce, influencers are becoming more powerful. It doesn’t matter if they have thousands or millions of followers. They have a lot of power and can easily earn a lot of money through sponsorship and promotional posts.

When you connect the brand’s e-commerce to social media interfaces then you can easily target new customers. Combine a great customer experience with a customer journey and message to improve your brand. It will make a perfect digital marketing cocktail that develops leads and nurtures customers.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has changed from people searching for information, communicating to their purchase behavior. These changes made…

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