What is Required in Mobile App Developer?

When you start searching about mobile app development, then, you will see that market is with thousands, of mobile app developers. But, the reality is if someone knows how to build mobile apps, then it doesn’t mean that they are the best developer. They can also face issues to build the right app for you. 

For instance, many freelancers know the basics of coding and assembling a functional app. But, it does not mean that they can build an e-commerce app or any white label app for agencies. These kinds of apps are more complex and should be built by an experienced developer.

So, to know which developer is best for the required task, you need to know a few points.

1.Platform Availability

Firstly, you must know what kind of mobile app you are building? Is it an iOS app or an Android app? As per this, you have to select the developer as every developer specializes in a single platform. For the different operating systems, you have to build separate coding languages.

Suppose you want to launch your app on one platform but, make it for both platforms. Find a developer who can develop an app for both iOS and Android as it will help you cost and give you more productivity. You can use a development agency that will help you to build hybrid mobile apps and also help you to reduce the cost and time.

2. Developer Availability

Buying the most things at a cheaper price is not always a better option. In the developer case, you can save money by selecting a freelance developer. Talented freelancers are more capable of building an app at a reasonable rate.

There should be a proper communication process so, that they can easily understand your point of view. Hire a person who knows the same language as you, there should be no language barriers that can help you to convey your thoughts.

The freelancer works on multiple projects simultaneously. And the app development agency will have a team of developers. Therefore, it means that an agency can develop the app faster and more efficiently.

3. Technology Requirements

Some developers give the base price in their bid for the development costs. But, they forget to show the rates of back-end infrastructure of the app.

After making the app live, you need to work on a few things. For instance, if you want to save and store the information of your app users, then you need a database server. For user analytics, you should have an analytics server. If you want the user should log in to your app then an authentication server is required. To send the push notifications, a push notification server is needed.

Hence, while telling all the details to developers, you have to explain the features that you want in your app. After this only the developer will give you a transparent bid that contains all the technology costs.

4. Security

Security is the topmost priority while building a mobile app. Before taking the app from the developer, make sure that he is providing your business and the app with top-level security features.

As per the report, 56% of the top 100 paid apps in the Apple App Store were attacked by hackers. It is increasing by 163% every year. While talking with a developer, talk more about the importance of security. Ask them what are your options and check what they are offering. The developer should tell you how your app will be secured in detail.

As a white label reseller, always make sure that you are delivering a secure app to your clients.

5. Post-Development Support

After you make the app live, the developer stays with the team. Your app will not be always perfect. It needs changes and adjustments with updates. 

As per the study, around 30% of apps get updated at least once a month. And totally, approx. 83% of all apps get updated every six months.

Therefore, some developers charge per update, either per hour or as per the resource requirement. Other developers will offer you CMS (Content Management System), which will help you to make changes by yourself.

The best mobile app developer will help you to maintain the app besides setting it up and its infrastructure. The developers will always be available whenever something goes wrong. You can say the developer to offer the support from a load balancing and autoscaling perspective.

6. Experience

Every developer does not have the same experience as others. Find a developer who has experience in building complex apps. Developing the mobile app is a serious commitment that’s why you need to make sure that you are trusting a reputable professional.

If you want to build an HR app for employee communication. Then, work with a developer who has the knowledge of this. Or if you want an e-commerce app then find a developer who has specialization in this type of development.

You should ask the developer for references, and case studies of apps they have built till now. The developer’s portfolio will give the information that if they have experience of making apps as you need or not.

When you start searching about mobile app development, then, you will see that market is with thousands, of mobile app…

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