Top 5 Trends to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

In this modern era, mobile app development is like an evaluation. Did you ever think of spending a day without a mobile phone? No, we can’t. The mobile phone makes our life easy and more comfortable. Now, it has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life from waking up from bed in the morning to going back to sleep at night. This simple device has become so powerful and needy for everyone. And it happens because of the applications in it. There are numerous kinds of mobile apps available that make all kinds of jobs easy. There are two operating systems for mobile phones: Android and Apple iOS. The google play store has more than 5 million apps, and the Apple store has around 1.72 million apps. Every day around 1,500 apps get developed and added to app stores. 

In today’s world, the cost of mobile app development is not too high. We should know the reasons that are influencing the high price of mobile app development. Then it will help us to know about the top 5 trends which will help to reduce mobile app development costs. The main reasons are:

  • Developers team of mobile app
  • Business model type
  • Mobile app building platforms
  • Functionality and design
  • Testing and features of the app
  • Hosting and security
  • UI/UX of the mobile app

The top 5 trends are mentioned below which will help you to reduce the mobile app development costs:


The pricing of creating a mobile app depends on the area of the project, idea, and complexity. The outsourcing of resources helps to reduce the cost of developing the app. There is no need to pay salaries, medical insurance, holidays, and taxes for your in-house team of developers. Just you have to pay is for the development of your project. The final price depends on the feature, platform, and category for which the app is developed. You can save your energy by hiring some experienced, educated, and skilled developers who will complete the job as per the deadline. Always have the certified services which you can get from some outsourcing companies. It also gives flexibility and control over the delivery and the budget.

2. Cost platform development

The development of an app for Android, iOS, or windows can be costly. But, to reduce the entire cost by using cross-platform app development. The benefit of cross-platform development is it works with highly reusable code. You can use this app’s business logic multiple times by writing it for once. It can be used on several platforms like Android, windows, etc. This cross-platform helps to save a lot of money.

3. Continous Testing

After publishing a mobile app, continuous testing is mandatory. It is important to fix bugs and make the app as fluent as you can for all the users. If the UI of the app is not user-friendly, then the developer has to upgrade the app. This up-gradation of the app increases the total cost therefore, regular testing is essential to decrease the total cost of an app. If you don’t do the regular checking, then you can’t find a need for improvements that your app needs.

4. Agile Project Management

You can find some benefits like rapid development, budget control, and project specification by using Agile methodology in the mobile app. When you use this methodology, then your big app development project will get subdivided into several parts. The projects can be divided into tasks, sub-tasks, and modules, and these short pieces are easy to handle. Both the owner and developer of the app can maintain the app easily when it converts into minor details. Hence, it directly impacts the quality of the product and helps to give faster delivery.

5. MVP Releases

The word MVP stands for Medium Valuable Product. It is a working prototype for mobile apps where all the features get collected in a single place. On this platform, you can check the app before releasing it for the customers. It helps to reduce the cost by allowing you to test the app. You can understand the need for improvement and it is more affordable to develop. You can speak to our Value Innovation Labs developers and know how to start and develop an MVP.

In this modern era, mobile app development is like an evaluation. Did you ever think of spending a day without…

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